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Container Technology Libraries

Resource Libraries for the global ISO Shipping Container trade:
architects, engineers, container home designers, container dealers, and DIY enthusiasts.

Research Library

$18/ 12 months unlimited access

Professional Library

$68/ 12 months unlimited access

Corporate Library

$248/ 12 months unlimited access

  1. Research Library -For the DIY consumer, or professionals who want basic information and publications regarding Container Home construction, and ISO Shipping Containers in general.  More details >
  2. Professional Library- For architects, engineers, designers, building contaractors, and DIY enthusiasts who require "Research Library" information, plus the basic 2D, and 3D CAD drawings of 20GP/HC, and 40GP/HC shipping containers. More details > 
  3. Corporate Library - For the ISO shipping container trade, including container dealers, engineers, architects, and related professions that require unlimited access to all container sizes, with highly detailed, high resolution and accurate, 2D and 3D CAD in every professional file type (SolidWorks, 3D Max, etc.), including many basic FEA stress tests. This includes more than thirty (30) ISO container sizes, in both the 'V' and the 'Square' corrugations.  More details >

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